Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Long time no speak...

Been a tad busy since half term.

The main bit of news I suppose is that we won our appeal against the LEA. We were going to the tribunal on the Monday and Wednesday and they agreed to virtually everything the Friday afternoon before….!!! The other bits that they wanted changed, we weren’t that bothered about as the main changes and support for the boys were agreed to.
Got to admit felt really relieved when I got the phone call from the solicitors saying it was finished with as it had virtually taken up all my time for about a year. The solicitor was fantastic and was like a bulldog with some of the matters. As I had said in the previous post, the LEA had pounced on the fact that the Independent Psyc had said they should be in a special needs school. The LEA wanted to postpone the tribunal so they could get us to look at a special needs school. They also wanted a special needs school named in the statement. Basically the solicitor said no because they were agreeing to the support in mainstream and that if they tried to put a special needs school in the statement, we’ll go back to court.

Both the boys are settled in school and are progressing well. Mandy and Claire are both great and the boys think the world of them. They’ve got sports day this week and will try and post some photos if it doesn’t rain.

Tom had an operation on his bits..!!! and was down for 1.5 hours. Had to go down and fetch him from the recovery room as he was a tad upset, understandably. After a quick cuddle, drink and something to eat he wanted to go back home after an hour. The main thing was trying to stop him bum shuffling which he was well peed off about.
Considering it was a day before their birthday, thought it was a good present for him…

They had their consultant appointment and Tom has put a pound on in a year. Wish I had his genes…!! Harry managed to put on a whopping four pounds. Special thanks to Mandy and her secret stash of chocolate biscuits.

Well had enough of writing for now, will carry on tomorrow with the catch up….

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