Thursday, 28 May 2009

Half Term Hell....!!!

Like most of you had the joy of the kids at home this half term...

Hannah went of shopping on saturday with the girlies and surprisingly enough didn't waste that much money. Think it was down to the fact that she had to spend her own and not ours this time....!!!
Didn't go far this week as the brakes needed doing on the car and was squealing like hell...!!! We did manage to squeeze like sardines in Malc's learner car with the wheelchair and went off the Evesham on the Monday with Ed, Lyn, the lads and the woof woofs. Considering it was a last minute thing, was a really nice day. Also decided to take Ed and Lyn out for a meal considering he hit the big 4, 0 and Laura being the fantastic person that she is, baby sat. It was nice being with the grown ups for a change (excluding Malc and Eddie obviously...!!!)

For the rest of the week we've had to contend with Hannah being bored with everything, think it also includes breathing. Just getting out of bed is too much work for her and she's let everyone know. Harry and Tom have been content with demolishing the house and watching DVD's. Cat in the Hat is the one at the mo and a special thanks goes out to Sarah for that

Shelly the SALT came out to have a look at Tom eating. She was quite pleased with him and as i already know, there's not a lot she can do with him. He's doing all the basics and if he's not concentrating on anything else, does it reasonably well. It's just his drinking that we've got a concern with. He hasn't got the nack of swallowing when his drinking, he just fills his mouth up and either chokes on it or it comes back out like a fountain spout. If somebody doesn't know about it and sits by him, they usually get soaked.

Well off to CAMHS tomorrow with both the boys as they want to see both of them interacting. Mm, lets see how long their room stops intact....!!!

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