Friday, 27 February 2009


Half Term was really great! We went away to Edinburgh for a couple of days without the boys (they were at nan and grandad's). We stayed in a hotel somewhere near the dungeons. As soon as we got there we went to Edinburgh castle which was really good. We went to Pizza Hut after because it was Happy Hour then (to ruin it all) dad broke it.
Next day, we went to Grayfriars Bobby and we looked around (well... Mom and me because Dad couldn't be bovered walking around so he sat round the front. Then we went to the museum and mom and dad stormed round with me trying to catch up with them. Next we went on a tour bus and we were supposed to have headphones but we didn't realise so we just sat there while everyone else listened to the facts through the headphones. Halway thorugh I had to ask the driver if he had any.
Then we went shopping and dad had his cream tea...While mom dumped as much marshmallows as she could into my hot choclate.
After we went into the dungeons. It wasn't scary like I thought it would be but it was funny. Mom got accused of being a witch and I don't blame them. Dad got hooked up by the backside which looked really funny. Then we went on this boat ride where(Lol)Dad screamed like a little girl to scare other people. We also had our picture taken(which I lost then found) when he screamed like a girl again. I look like a right idiot though.
Then the last night we had a chinese which was really nice but I didn't have much as usual. In the morning we came back and I went to the cinemas with a friend.

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