Friday, 27 February 2009


Half Term was really great! We went away to Edinburgh for a couple of days without the boys (they were at nan and grandad's). We stayed in a hotel somewhere near the dungeons. As soon as we got there we went to Edinburgh castle which was really good. We went to Pizza Hut after because it was Happy Hour then (to ruin it all) dad broke it.
Next day, we went to Grayfriars Bobby and we looked around (well... Mom and me because Dad couldn't be bovered walking around so he sat round the front. Then we went to the museum and mom and dad stormed round with me trying to catch up with them. Next we went on a tour bus and we were supposed to have headphones but we didn't realise so we just sat there while everyone else listened to the facts through the headphones. Halway thorugh I had to ask the driver if he had any.
Then we went shopping and dad had his cream tea...While mom dumped as much marshmallows as she could into my hot choclate.
After we went into the dungeons. It wasn't scary like I thought it would be but it was funny. Mom got accused of being a witch and I don't blame them. Dad got hooked up by the backside which looked really funny. Then we went on this boat ride where(Lol)Dad screamed like a little girl to scare other people. We also had our picture taken(which I lost then found) when he screamed like a girl again. I look like a right idiot though.
Then the last night we had a chinese which was really nice but I didn't have much as usual. In the morning we came back and I went to the cinemas with a friend.

More someday,


Paddling in the mire....!!!

Well here we are again...!!!

Been a few busy weeks with one thing and another. The ball is seriously rolling now where the statements are concerned. Had the Speech and Language come out before the half term to assess the boys. First thing she picked up on was Harry's autistic traits. Thought the boys needed an intensive therapy programme to work from.
Had the Education Psychologist come out over the past two days and had serious concerns over their support in school. Not with the school itself and the 1:1's. He thought they did a very good job considering the lack of help they've been getting from the powers that be. I personally think they are great and the boys love them to bits. Basically confirmed what we thought about Harry and raised his concerns about his little traits. Thought he was showing bits of Aspergers and Autism as well as his ADHD. That prompted us to phone his consultant to see whether we can get an MRI scan done to see if there's been any other damage to his brain other that what we were told. Tom was slacking due to him not being able to cope with the long day.
Even though we already know this, suppose it was a bit of a kick in the teeth hearing someone saying it but as Malc says it's an opinion.
Anyhow going onto better things, both are very happy at school and making friends. The other kids are great and they have included them in the birthday parties etc. Harry has finally moved onto another film. It's the Grinch. Still green but what the hell, it's not Shrek...!!!
We've been given a grant to go towards a Wheelchair Assisted Vehicle and we're gonna have a look at some at the end of March, so fingers crossed it will be there when we go and see dad in August and we'll be able to take Tom's electric chair out so he can practice in lots and lots of open space...!!!

Malc has been working hard and has nearly finished Tom's bedroom. They've started the building of the extra room out the back and then we'll be able to knock through into the kitchen.

We managed to get away with Hannah for a couple of days over the half term and it was good. We took her up to Edinburgh to see the sights and I think she enjoyed it. She didn't moan anyhow so I took that as a good sign.

Well think that's about it. Will probably think of something else uninteresting to say later

Monday, 2 February 2009

A little thing called Emotion

This was sent by me at 10 to 7. I can't tell you who I sent it to and as you can tell it is mostly about me and I finally agreed that I would show it even though people will be reading it. I am truly confident about my decision. As I was typing this letter to the person I saw emotion in my face and I realised that it was time to face the facts. As you read the letter I guess some of you will probably realise who I sent this to.

I don't know if you got this or not because I don't know if the address is right. There is one thing I want to say but I can't say unless I write it down because I haven't got the courage to say it out loud. People are filled with emotions and I know that from just seeing people everyday, by reading body language. When I was a couple of years younger I thought emotions could only exist in films and familiar, but now there is no way of describing ones feelings. I feel loads of things inside me and some I can't control.
There is joy whenever I am happy because when I am happy I am more than just that I love and understand people more like my brothers for example.
When I am sad I can't explain how sad. I just want to sit down and cry and that is what sometimes happens, as I'm sure you know.
When I am angry you know that I can't hold it in and I burst out on every person I meet.
When I am caught by surprise I laugh when it is a good surprise and smile and it is the same as when feel happy.
When I am caught in a horrible surprise I start yelling and hitting people for no reason. This is one I can't control as by now I am sure you realise. After that I realise what I have done and burst into tears. I can never control my emotions and they get the better of me. You may have realised by now that I definitely might not be able to hold them like other people can. (You for instance)
Sometimes I can tell you're tired and want to lie down but you carry on and sometimes I just don't think that you realise how much I admire you. You sometimes think that I may be brat but I tell no lie and admit that maybe I am but sometimes that emotion is caused by grief.(Nanny M)
I will stop writing now and hope you understand where I am getting at. I am not saying anything against anybody but maybe myself.
Maybe you will understand emotion as I understand it and I will understand emotion as you will see it as I get further through life but maybe for now I am better off not wanting to ever understand anything and just sit and watch Dora and noddy as I did when I was little.

Love Hannah