Saturday, 11 December 2010

Doesn't time fly..!!

Can't believe it's been so long since I last posted.

It's been a very interesting summer to say the least. Been in conflict with the Social Services all summer and for some reason it's taken over our lives at the moment...!!!

Hannah's growing into what can only be said as a very opinionated beautiful young lady...!! At her 13th birthday party she took my breath away in her beauty and how much she looked like mum. I know mum would be very proud of her. Underneath her sarcasm and typical teenager tantrums, she is a very thoughtful,helpful person with a wonderful heart.

We've now had a 'label' for Harry, ADHD, Autism and Moderate to Severe Learning Difficulties. Nothing that we didn't already know but at least it's in writing. At the end of the day, Harry is Harry and we wouldn't change him.

Tom is still stubborn and has occassionally stepped along the sofa by
himself...!!! We are in the process of getting some dosh together for a new wheelchair. He's started playing wheelchair tennis and he struggles pushing his NHS chair at the best of times, so we're gonna hand that one back and get him a better one. He's beginning to stutter when he talks, which can make for great

Coming into Christmas brings all the parties, school plays etc. Gotta say had a proud mummy moment with that. Went to the school play expecting to waste camera battery on two boys who didn't want to take part. Went according to plan on the afternoon but had the biggest surprise of my life on the evening show when both of them did what they were supposed to do. Harry was a penguin (only went up cos we told him he could be the beast penguin from beauty and the beast...??) and Tom was demoted from Shepard (last year's but refused to do anything) to a snowflake but did his snowflake dance beautifully. Think Harry stole the show as he just went off on a tangent. He also stole the snowballs and stood in front of the lead to do his dancing. Think the school staff were impressed with both of

Finished this week off with the Dudley Bliss christmas party. Santa came and handed out the toys and I think the kids enjoyed it all. Looks like the group in growing and that's a good thing. We were helped out by a couple of wonderful ladies who have lost their kids over the last couple of years. It must have been extremely difficult for them to come along and work with our children and it was much appreciated.I think the world of them.

If I don't get round to writing again, hope you have a good christmas and a very happy new year...xx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


You know sometimes you wonder why you bother in life. All you seem to do sometimes is beat your head against a brick wall to no avail…

This week we were given some bad news yet again. A very precious little man died on Sunday, just after his second birthday.
Instead of thinking what a waste of a life, I thought how wonderful it was that he was introduced into our lives. He was a beautiful little man with a gorgeous smile and he played the best pat a cake games anyone could wish for.

I could always feel sorry for the two most wonderful people who chose to foster him. Not only had they lost their own daughter a couple of years ago but they have to go through the same pain and torment with this little man, but I can’t. I can say I only feel pride that I know these two people and their kids. They have shown humility and bravery and a love for all kids, no matter how handicapped they are. They are the most unassuming couple I have ever known. She has a special gift, even though she thinks she doesn’t. The love that radiates from her is overwhelming and I can only think that this little man had the best part of his life with this special family.

So I suppose it goes back to my opening statement, no matter how hard you think it is, you’ve only got to look around and see the wonders around you. Tom and Harry shouldn’t be here by rights. They’ve done everything to defy the odds. Yes it’s tiring and bloody hard work sometimes, but you’ve only got to look at them and think what life would be like without them and I know which one I prefer. Again they’re like this little man. They teach us a lesson that life shouldn’t be taken for granted and that the love and innocence they bring into this world is all that is needed really.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Our Next Oscar Winner is...

Got to say I never thought this day would come and I was very proud of Tom (and Harry of course)

We never usually go to the boys assembly because it normally throws them off track. Last time I went Harry got a tad excited and threw all the teachers notes out of her hands because he had spotted me at the back of the hall, plus there was the big non event of them refusing to take part in the Christmas play.
Had to persuade Malc to go, one because they never do anything and two, he's frightened he'll fall through those piddly chairs they provide us to sit on.

Anyhow we were informed Tom had a big role in the assembly. He was a bully in a gang and had to push a girl over....!!! Both the boys held up their pictures when they were supposed to. Goldilocks and the bear were both superb and to my reckoning should be hung in the Tate gallery, so much was the detail that went into it. Then came Tom's big moment. He wheeled himself on cue along with the gang and again with precision timing pushed the girl over. What a fantastic little actor he is...(I know most of you will say he always has been...!!!) Even better than that was the fact he reversed himself into his space without running any one over.
Harry was a star in himself due to the fact he didn't leave his 1:1's lap, though you could still hear him muttering 'mummy and daddy here' and clapping constantly.
Tom even joined in with the singing of 'Neighbours' (don't ask) and wheeled himself to the very front when they did the bow.

I think this is a start of a very promising career personally and no I'm not a pushy mum who will see the pound signs in front of her eyes.

So where is that application form for stage school.....

Friday, 5 March 2010

Into the new year

Well here we are into the new year...well March to be exactly and I had promised to update on a regular basis....!!!

Both the boys managed the christmas play...well they sat there and refused to do anything. Nothing new there really. Had a really good christmas with dad being home. Hannah was spoilt yet again and it was the first year the boys interacted in the whole thing and seemed to enjoy it for what it was. Due to the snow, we were house bound for a couple of weeks on and off.

Tom had an assessment for another wheelchair as he is finally growing. Hopefully this will be okay for him and we don't have to go down the private route again. He's also had to have his swash brace fixed. The thing that's supposed to restrict his movement broke as he was bumshuffling too much. He was also assessed for a mobile hoist and shower chair. We got the mobile hoist fairly quickly, shower chair we have to wait for a bit longer, so he has to make do with sliding all over the shower bed when soapy...!!! Mind you, it does keep us fit trying to catch him on there, he's a slippery little Apart from that he's doing okay. Still having to fight the girls off him at school...literally. They are at his beck and call and being a typical bloke, enjoying it.

Harry, well what can we say about this little man...!! Recovered from his tonsils and adenoids well. He was very quiet for a long time which was great. Unfortunately his voice did come back and we have since been subject to his beautiful voice which reaches such high decibels. He's been his normal self, loud, accident prone, tapped...the list continues. CAMHS still find him facinating, though after asking him to be referred, they are coming out with more labels for him. They've already said they're pretty certain he's got OCD and still looking into his autistic traits. Saw the orthopeadic consultant who is still worried about his hips and his hypermobility but agreed there wasn't a fat lot he could do at the moment. So we've just left it like that for the time being. He managed to split his chin open again this week, so has been an unhappy chappy this week.

Hannah is okay. Doing well at school. Actually had a decent school report and the teachers say she's nice and quiet. Obviously got the wrong girl there..!!!

Well think that's about it for now. Quite boring really. Loads to do round the house, so if anyone is bored and want's some DIY to do, give us a shout. I'm sure we can accomodate you...!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


At the moment nothing special seems to be happening at school. Just the usual... messing around, getting in trouble and making jokes about something random.
Yesterday I was sitting with my friends in the canteen at lunch and we gave Lucy a banana so she could stay in. You're not aloud in without something to eat.. Lucy passed it around the table and everyone pretended it was a phone. Everyone had a conversation incept for me who just went:
Everyone found that funny while I gave the banana back to Kate and then my maths teacher, Mr Murray, walked by and stopped by us. He said:
"Funny. I've never seen anyone talk to a banana before."
He then walked off. He was actually directing that to me even though everyone else had done it. So they all laughed at me... I told him later that it wasn't anything serious. I was still mentally fine.

Today we did a scene out of romeo and juliet. I was Lady Capulet and my best friend was Lord Capulet so she is now known as my hubster. Hannah was Juliet and Kate was the Nurse. While me, Hannah and Caitlin(my bezzie) did our scenes, Kate went around pretending to offer people drinks. Hannah pretended to cry at one point and Kate turned round in the middle of Caitlin going mad and asked if Hannah wanted some tissues. Then when the Nurse had a go at Lord Capulet Kate threw the tissues and Caitlin and pretened slapped her. I then clapped and Hannah had a small fit on the floor.

We had at and got paint everywhere. I had black hands and a white blazer which was blue before.

Had R.E. Same as ever... Boring... Me and Alice just talked and asked Hannah for help when we got stuck... Alice then did her famous american accent while I witch cackled when we were supposed to be silent. Then Dylan farted and evacuated the place which was pretty funny. After that Bennet(Tom) chewed his pen which led to an explosion. He looked a bit like a vampire incept with ink.

Had a detention for talking. Not fair when I wasn't the one talking. Actually I was singing... Life's hard. I got 2/24 in algebra because I didn't get it. He said to do some more but I didn't want o risk the disappointment of getting more wrong. So I tried to figure out what I had done wrong. I didn't do very well.

It's a bit long but that's about it.