Saturday, 11 December 2010

Doesn't time fly..!!

Can't believe it's been so long since I last posted.

It's been a very interesting summer to say the least. Been in conflict with the Social Services all summer and for some reason it's taken over our lives at the moment...!!!

Hannah's growing into what can only be said as a very opinionated beautiful young lady...!! At her 13th birthday party she took my breath away in her beauty and how much she looked like mum. I know mum would be very proud of her. Underneath her sarcasm and typical teenager tantrums, she is a very thoughtful,helpful person with a wonderful heart.

We've now had a 'label' for Harry, ADHD, Autism and Moderate to Severe Learning Difficulties. Nothing that we didn't already know but at least it's in writing. At the end of the day, Harry is Harry and we wouldn't change him.

Tom is still stubborn and has occassionally stepped along the sofa by
himself...!!! We are in the process of getting some dosh together for a new wheelchair. He's started playing wheelchair tennis and he struggles pushing his NHS chair at the best of times, so we're gonna hand that one back and get him a better one. He's beginning to stutter when he talks, which can make for great

Coming into Christmas brings all the parties, school plays etc. Gotta say had a proud mummy moment with that. Went to the school play expecting to waste camera battery on two boys who didn't want to take part. Went according to plan on the afternoon but had the biggest surprise of my life on the evening show when both of them did what they were supposed to do. Harry was a penguin (only went up cos we told him he could be the beast penguin from beauty and the beast...??) and Tom was demoted from Shepard (last year's but refused to do anything) to a snowflake but did his snowflake dance beautifully. Think Harry stole the show as he just went off on a tangent. He also stole the snowballs and stood in front of the lead to do his dancing. Think the school staff were impressed with both of

Finished this week off with the Dudley Bliss christmas party. Santa came and handed out the toys and I think the kids enjoyed it all. Looks like the group in growing and that's a good thing. We were helped out by a couple of wonderful ladies who have lost their kids over the last couple of years. It must have been extremely difficult for them to come along and work with our children and it was much appreciated.I think the world of them.

If I don't get round to writing again, hope you have a good christmas and a very happy new year...xx