Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New start...!!!

Can't believe it's been over a year that I've actually posted. I suppose it goes to show how much fun you have when you are busy...!!!

What started as a 'lets go on a course' ended up being a full time voluntary role and that's ended up with us taking on a whole building and turning into a Carer's Centre.

I suppose the drive to make sure there is something there for the kids when they are older is the key. I do despair at the thought of them having to go to a day centre every day for the rest of their lives making paper chains and prints. I believe there is more for them in life and after looking at what's available out there feel the need to try and make a difference.

This year will also be a chapter closed for the boys and a new one open in September when they move to a Special Needs school. The school they will be going to is fantastic and hopefully they'll be able to flurish. It's just a shame we can't take the boy's 1:1's with them as the boys wouldn't have got as far as they have without the hard work the 1:1's have put in.

Will start to update properly now I'm getting into the swing of it again