Friday, 22 May 2009

Catching up part II

Well were do we start….!!!

Took Harry for his ENT appointment cos we bought up the fact that he always looks tired and pale in the morning. He also snores, sometimes very loudly in the night. His uvula is also attached to the left tonsil and tends to gag on it as and when it takes his fancy. It’s then his spectacular version of a guffing fountain is put on show. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you are) in the past few months he’s managed to show this skill off at school and normally aimed at Mandy his 1:1.
The consultant was quite impressed with his tonsils. The left one is swollen but only at the top. Thought it was quite unusual and hasn’t seen anything like that before…. Typical…!!! He said is Uvula is only attached because the tonsil is pulling the back of his palate round.
Said he was happy to take his tonsils out as he also has quite a few throat infections. Also said he’d take his adenoids out and that should help with his breathing and lack of oxygen in the night. So the next thing is a sleep study and take it from there.

(Uvula if you are wondering is that dangly bit at the back of the throat)

Harry’s been a bit busy the past couple of weeks as he also had an MRI scan which we requested. He hasn’t had a scan done on his brain since he’s left hospital and since he had the biggest brain bleed out of the two we were wondering if there was any damage done contributing to him being completely loopy…!!! He had to go in to be sedated. Was given the sedation at 9.10am. Should have taken about twenty minutes for him to go off. Two hours later he was rolling round the bed and ward completely paralytic and trying to stop awake. All he was interested in was getting some cake and his crisps, which he put in his bag in the morning. Hopefully they managed to get a good scan, as he would only lie on his side. Will get the results in September.

Had Sports day this week which Claire and Mandy were preparing the boys for. There was plenty of practice going on and I’m sure Claire won’t mind me saying, one run she pushed Tom down the track and they came last…. My question is how fit is Claire to be beaten by a bunch of four year olds….mm. Fortunately for both of them the boys refused to do anything and saved them from having to run in front of the parents and that 30 minute run on the treadmill by Claire the night before was wasted…lol

Took Tom for an appointment with the Orthopeadic Consultant for him to be fitted with a Swash brace. Its a brace that goes round his hip and thighs. So we’ll have to go and get him fitted for that and see if he tolerates it.

Well think that’s about it. Will have to update with all the mundane stuff later…

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