Saturday, 24 October 2009

Back again...!!!

Wow, such a long time has passed and I must get into the swing of this again. Had a few odds and sods on so seemed quite busy. The summer hols were again quite busy. Three weeks at my dads, Hannah here there and everywhere with her mates and Young Carers (which I’m proud to say she’s now the secretary of the committee and seems to be taking it quite seriously). The boys now partaking in the local disability centre. They spent a week playing there and seemed to enjoy it.

Beginning of school term bought us back to normality. Harry actually wanted to go back to school…!!! Think he missed the routine of it all. Tom managed half a day. He picked up his swash brace, which allows him to sit properly with his hips in line and his legs not scissoring. The next day, Tom went into hospital and had his left testies dropped. We then swapped kids over and Harry went in for a sleep study. Half knew it would be a waste of time because he was well. He finally went to sleep around 10 and was wired up for the night.

Over the holidays CAMHS decided that both the boys would been seen on a regular basis with their own Psychotherapist. So every Thursday they toddle off to the centre where they are assessed. Nothing is really said but just assessed…!!!

We took Harry to get the results of his sleep study where surprise, surprise we were told his sats were fine. Really….!!! They usually are when he’s in good health…!!! He agreed his Uvula (dangly bit in throat) was growing on his tonsils and that his tonsils were enlarged. We then went and got an X Ray done of his adenoids. Was supposed to see ENT this week but we’ve been told he’s been put straight on the operation list so there’s no point in seeing them. At least that’s one less appointment this week.

Had a fruitful meeting with the new Social Worker and she’s got the ball rolling on quite a few things, so that’s one last thing to worry about.

Basically things seem to be rolling along nicely. The back garden is finally starting to get into shape. Had the bottom part slabbed so the boys can go out and believe me they’re making the most of it.

Hopefully now I will get going and make enough time to update properly.

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