Friday, 27 November 2009

Mezza x

Today I went to Merry Hill with my mates. There was hannah, caitlin, kate, alice, kieran, alex, jo and dan R. It was fun and I spent alot of money on ice cream. Also spotted some shoes in Primark. Nice!! Only £6 as well. Brought some Austin Powers socks for Dad for xmas...... Hope he likes it.
Got kicked out of Hawkins and Bazaar for not buying anything. It was also Kieran's bday but couldn't find anything nice so got him a free heart out of Build A Bear. In the shop Kieran asked for a free bear but the man said no and said that he could bend over, put the pipe up is butt and stuff him....... We left.
He also wasn't allowed to see Santa so he got upset but he got a freecolouring page of Rudolph with free crayons. Had alot of fun and laughs but had to go early. :( Instead of going to Republic I had to walk all the way to St Marys just to pick up my bros.


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