Wednesday, 3 February 2010


At the moment nothing special seems to be happening at school. Just the usual... messing around, getting in trouble and making jokes about something random.
Yesterday I was sitting with my friends in the canteen at lunch and we gave Lucy a banana so she could stay in. You're not aloud in without something to eat.. Lucy passed it around the table and everyone pretended it was a phone. Everyone had a conversation incept for me who just went:
Everyone found that funny while I gave the banana back to Kate and then my maths teacher, Mr Murray, walked by and stopped by us. He said:
"Funny. I've never seen anyone talk to a banana before."
He then walked off. He was actually directing that to me even though everyone else had done it. So they all laughed at me... I told him later that it wasn't anything serious. I was still mentally fine.

Today we did a scene out of romeo and juliet. I was Lady Capulet and my best friend was Lord Capulet so she is now known as my hubster. Hannah was Juliet and Kate was the Nurse. While me, Hannah and Caitlin(my bezzie) did our scenes, Kate went around pretending to offer people drinks. Hannah pretended to cry at one point and Kate turned round in the middle of Caitlin going mad and asked if Hannah wanted some tissues. Then when the Nurse had a go at Lord Capulet Kate threw the tissues and Caitlin and pretened slapped her. I then clapped and Hannah had a small fit on the floor.

We had at and got paint everywhere. I had black hands and a white blazer which was blue before.

Had R.E. Same as ever... Boring... Me and Alice just talked and asked Hannah for help when we got stuck... Alice then did her famous american accent while I witch cackled when we were supposed to be silent. Then Dylan farted and evacuated the place which was pretty funny. After that Bennet(Tom) chewed his pen which led to an explosion. He looked a bit like a vampire incept with ink.

Had a detention for talking. Not fair when I wasn't the one talking. Actually I was singing... Life's hard. I got 2/24 in algebra because I didn't get it. He said to do some more but I didn't want o risk the disappointment of getting more wrong. So I tried to figure out what I had done wrong. I didn't do very well.

It's a bit long but that's about it.


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