Wednesday, 11 November 2009

All fit and healthy

Got to say that swine flu was literally a bit of a swine. Just when Hannah was getting back on track, Harry decided he wanted to be ill as well. I think it was just to keep Hannah company on her extra week off school...!!! They did give him the Tamiflu as well but luckily just stopped as a chest infection. At least the poor armchair managed to recover from the constant jumping on, at least for a week anyhow.

We had an eventful meeting at the school where they put a care plan in place. Think i managed to scare the hell out of them with what could be. The 1:1's already know but think the head and assistant heads were left thinking 'oh sh*t' lol

Also had another letter through. This time Harry's op date for his adenoids and tonsils. That will be on the 26th November. I know he has to have it done but get sick to my stomach thinking about them having more operations. It's not nice having to carry them down and watch them struggle with the anesthetic and then wait for that call for you to go down to the recovery room cos they're not waking up properly.. Anyhow he should benefit with his breathing and swallowing.

Both are doing well at school socially and educational wise. Harry has read hisfirst book today. He was that excited he read it to his 1:1, teacher, assistant head, headteacher and then caretaker. Got lots of stickers for his effort and a packet of sweets (one for tom as well) from the caretaker.

Anyhow back to the normal humdrum

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  1. Just found this!! Well done Harry on the reading and good luck for the op!