Monday, 8 March 2010

Our Next Oscar Winner is...

Got to say I never thought this day would come and I was very proud of Tom (and Harry of course)

We never usually go to the boys assembly because it normally throws them off track. Last time I went Harry got a tad excited and threw all the teachers notes out of her hands because he had spotted me at the back of the hall, plus there was the big non event of them refusing to take part in the Christmas play.
Had to persuade Malc to go, one because they never do anything and two, he's frightened he'll fall through those piddly chairs they provide us to sit on.

Anyhow we were informed Tom had a big role in the assembly. He was a bully in a gang and had to push a girl over....!!! Both the boys held up their pictures when they were supposed to. Goldilocks and the bear were both superb and to my reckoning should be hung in the Tate gallery, so much was the detail that went into it. Then came Tom's big moment. He wheeled himself on cue along with the gang and again with precision timing pushed the girl over. What a fantastic little actor he is...(I know most of you will say he always has been...!!!) Even better than that was the fact he reversed himself into his space without running any one over.
Harry was a star in himself due to the fact he didn't leave his 1:1's lap, though you could still hear him muttering 'mummy and daddy here' and clapping constantly.
Tom even joined in with the singing of 'Neighbours' (don't ask) and wheeled himself to the very front when they did the bow.

I think this is a start of a very promising career personally and no I'm not a pushy mum who will see the pound signs in front of her eyes.

So where is that application form for stage school.....

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