Wednesday, 21 January 2009

What a week...!!!


Same as usual really. As Hannah's already said she's went away for the weekend. Ahh, the peace and quiet... Still had the lads though to give us grief.....but oh joy only for a short while cos Jill and Keith took them off our hands for the Saturday.

Took Harry to the hospital for another appointment and he was finally discharged from something. Will say it very quietly as to not embarrass him but it was about his manhood or lack of it...!!! He'd already had one op to bring the left side down so we were waiting for the other side to make an appearance.... it did after some persuasion and a few tears to his eyes.... lol....!!!

Anyhow that's enough about that....sure most of you blokes have got your legs crossed... :)

Finally got some new drugs for Tom's drooling while we're waiting to be assessed for his saliva glands to be sorted out. This should stop his choking on the night and help him with his eating. He'll also be able to stop wearing his bandana bibs for the majority of the time as well. He's decided he's too grown up for them too.

The next exciting thing we'll be up to is when Tom opens up our local lesiure centre with the Town Mayor on Monday. Should be quite entertaining as I'm waiting to see Tom waving the scissors about and trying to stab someone when they try to get them off him as he cuts the ribbon. Will try and post some photo's when we get them.

On that note I had better stop Harry from jumping through the sitting room window as he's reinacting Kung 'Shoo' Panga....!!! Don't think the sofa springs are gonna hold out much longer with his constant bouncing....

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